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Lumsden Sports Centre Board Members

President- Justin Lacelle

Vice President - Jodi Hasse

Advertising Director - Kelly Mieyette

Secretary - Justin Lacelle

Affiliate Director - Dave Cameron

Membership Director - Devin Taylor

Director at Large - Roy Hicks

Treasurer - Stephen Kurtz

Grant Application Director - Stephen Kurtz

Concession Director - Vacant

Facilities Director - Trevor Bailey

Social Media Director - Vacant

Bookkeeper - Liz Cameron

Duck Derby Committee - Henry Siedlitz

Canteen Coordinator - Riley Ruhr

Maintenance Manager - Riley Ruhr

Arena Scheduler - Riley Ruhr

Meeting Minutes

Lumsden Sports Association Inc. Annual General Meeting Minutes Date: 2017-11-07 

Attendees: Justin Lacelle, Stephen Kurtz, Jodi Haase, Dave Cameron, Darrell Brandt, Roy Hicks, Riley Ruhr 

1) Call meeting to order 

2) Financial Statements for the Lumsden Sports Association were reviewed. Highlights include: a) Current assets = $1,235,090 b) Current liabilities = $6,032 c) Fund Balance at beginning of year = $1,229,058 d) Fund Balance at end of year = $1,229,058 e) Net income for year = $44,172 

3) Board members were confirmed as follows: a) President and Secretary – Justin Lacelle b) Vice President – Jodi Haase c) Treasurer & Grant Application Director – Stephen Kurtz d) Advertising Director – Kelly Mieyette e) Affiliate Director – Dave Cameron f) Membership Director – Devon Taylor g) Director at Large – Roy Hicks h) Concession Director – Jay Sullivan i) Facilities Director – Trevor Bailey j) Social Media Director – Vacant 

4)  Operating goals for the LSA were discussed and operations will continue  as-is for the coming year, including the operation of the canteen by  volunteers 

5) No new business was brought forth 

6) Meeting adjourned  The minutes above are certified as factual  Per:  Justin Lacelle, President ______________________________   Stephen Kurtz, Treasurer______________________________

Lumsden Sports Centre News

Lumsden Sports Association Inc. November Meeting Highlights ·  It was agreed that effective January 1, 2018, the price of several food  items will be increased to compensate for the general PST increase as  follows: i) Corn dogs $3.00 ii) Smokie/hot dogs $4.00 iii) Fries, onion rings and  perogies $3.50  · 

Ice rental rates for 2017/18 season were discussed and the following off-peak rates were set: i) Ice time starting at 22:00 or later  $160/hr ii) Weekday daytime ice 8:00 – 15:00  $160/hr iii) Short-term ice (1-week from booking date)  $160/hr  · 

Ammonia Alarm was discussed and agreed to move forward as priority